Thank you for visiting my makeup page, my name is Chloe Gray and i am a freelance makeup artist based in the north of England.

My interest in makeup artistry began over 10 years ago when i started working as a professional model, I enjoyed being on set and being part of a collaboration between like minded creatives - working to achieve a desired theme or vision.

Another part I enjoyed was chatting to the makeup artists and picking up tips from them. I began to use the new techniques i had learned on myself and I was amazed at how makeup could transform me, soon I realised how important good makeup was to accomplishing great results at a shoot, and from there my interest in it grew.

During my time working as a model I worked on photo-shoots, music videos, TV and film. I gained in-valuable experience within the industry. Throughout my modelling career my passion for makeup grew more and more and, in the end I decided I wanted to pursue a career as a makeup artist.

I studied a VTCT level 3 Diploma in Theatrical, Special Effects, Hair and Media Makeup course and after a year of studying i passed with distinction. I also began working as a retail makeup artist for M.A.C cosmetics and stayed with the company for a further 3 years and have since been working as a freelance artist successfully and have worked with many well known brands

I specialise in photographic makeup and constantly keep up to date with the latest makeup trends. I can also do nails, wardrobe styling and simple hair styling on set. All the products I use are professional and of high quality.

Looking forward to working with you


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